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With more and more IT security breaches being reported in the press, consumers are keen to find better ways to protect their privacy, money and digital assets from malware and Internet-based attacks. Whether you’re an Internet Service Provider, Mobile Communications Provider, Bank, Insurance Company, Financial Services Provider or Games Community – or you deliver almost any other type of online service to customers or subscribers – Kaspersky Value Added Services for xSPs can help you to boost your revenues, by meeting your customers’ demands for greater security.

By partnering with Kaspersky Lab – a world-leader in cybersecurity products – you can offer your customers a value-added service that:

  • Expands your reach with new business opportunity
  • Provides a solution for both consumer and corporate clients
  • Provides a premium protection for a range of platforms – PC & Mac, plus Android phones & tablets
  • Enables you to generate an additional, profitable, monthly revenue stream
  • Helps you boost your customer satisfaction levels & customer retention rates
  • Improves security across your network of subscribers / customers

 … while also reducing the load on your support team – because fewer of your customers will fall victim to malware attacks and security breaches.

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Benefits For You

Offering your customers one of Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning security products – for a monthly subscription fee – helps you to generate valuable revenues for your business, while you’re providing essential security technologies for your customers.

  • Increase sales – via an easy-to-forecast, regular, monthly income stream
  • Reduce your operating costs – by minimising junk traffic on your network
  • Establish your credentials as a supplier that cares about customer security
  • Differentiate your offerings and gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Enhance your brand image – via association with a world-leader in security

… and benefits for your customers

Providing award-winning security – on a subscription basis – not only helps to protect your customers against today’s malware and Internet dangers… it also gives them: 

  • Flexibility – so they can add or upgrade security, as and when required
  • The chance of a free trial period for their choice of Kaspersky Lab product
  • Ease of budgeting – via monthly ‘micropayments’, instead of annual charges
  • Convenience – as they can add the subscription to their existing payments to you
Low Effort – High Rewards

Adding Kaspersky Value Added Services for xSPs to your portfolio of services is quick and simple. It’s easy to register, and there are no registration fees – plus our marketing specialists can provide a range of materials to help you promote security subscriptions to your customer base:

  • Kaspersky Lab – and its partners – can provide technical expertise to help you add the new service to your online offerings
  • Product descriptions, ‘service advantage summaries’, images and graphics are available for use on your website and within promotional emails / communications
  • Special events and press conferences can be arranged to help launch the new addition to your portfolio of services
  • Ongoing marketing communications support can be provided – including press releases, articles and newsletter items
  • As soon as a customer buys a subscription, they can access technical support from Kaspersky Lab experts – so there’s no additional load on your support team 

You’ll also get the opportunity to promote your new service via one of Kaspersky Lab’s free utility apps that are accessed by millions of users every year.




Tailor Your Offering

Whether you want to offer your customers just one of our products or a selection of security options, we’ve got solutions for almost every consumer IT security requirement:

… and, if any of your customers are small - medium businesses, Kaspersky Small Office Security can help them to keep running smoothly.

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Why Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held cybersecurity company.

Over the years, we’ve become recognised for our enviable track record of success in a vast array of independent tests. Recently, in an endurance test that evaluated 24 security suites in three categories, over a six-month period, AV-Test – an independent laboratory – rated Kaspersky Internet Security as the best protection solution. 

By partnering with Kaspersky Lab, you’ll be offering your customers a security solution with a rich heritage: 

400 million users already rely on Kaspersky Lab security technologies

270,000 corporate customers have chosen Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab security products are sold in 200 countries

Over 300 businesses have already joined the Kaspersky xSP Value Added Services program and are establishing new revenues by offering their customers enhanced security services. 

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