Kaspersky xSP Value Added Services for Home Users

With more and more IT security breaches being reported in the press, consumers are keen to find better ways to protect their privacy, finances and digital assets from malware and Internet-based attacks. Whether you’re an Internet Service Provider, Mobile Communications Provider, Bank, Insurance Company, Financial Services Provider or Games Community – or you deliver almost any other type of online service to customers or subscribers – Kaspersky xSP Value Added Services can help you boost your revenues by meeting your customers’ demands for greater security.

Kaspersky Subscription Services
Kaspersky Subscription Services is an ideal solution for service providers who face the challenges of finding additional sources of income and staying ahead of competitors. By offering their
customers Kaspersky Lab’s full-scale end-point security solutions, service providers can easily extend their range of services and develop an additional income-generating scheme.
Licensing Scheme
A flexible licensing scheme, allows service providers to offer their customers a variety of subscription options, or a continuous subscription with an automated renewal process. The small
periodical fee encourages users to subscribe to the service.
End-User Benefits
Safe surfing, reliable protection against Internet threats based on the innovative award winning Kaspersky Lab product line – best-of-breed Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Antivirus.
This enables users to combine the power of a complete security package with the flexibility of a subscription-based service.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Protecting you… starts with protecting your PC. Essential PC protection defends against viruses, ransomware, phishing, spyware, dangerous websites and more.

It automatically scans your PC to find threats – including new drive-by cryptomining infections that could seriously damage your PC’s performance. And, if your PC is infected, Kaspersky technologies help you to rescue & reset it. 

  • Blocks viruses, ransomware & more
  • Simplifies security management

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Kaspersky Internet Security


When you go online shopping or banking – Kaspersky Internet Security protect your money & account details… when you socialize – it safeguard your identity… when you surf – it prevent attacks… when you download or stream – it block infected files.

Whatever you do in your digital life – Kaspersky premium protection is here to help you protect it all.

  • Protects against attacks, ransomware & more
  • Protects your privacy & personal information
  • Protects money when you bank & shop online

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Kaspersky Total Security


Kaspersky Total Security helps protect your family – when they surf, shop, socialize or stream. Plus, extra privacy protection securely stores their passwords & key documents… protects files & precious memories… and helps safeguard kids from digital dangers.

  • Protects privacy, passwords, files & photos
  • Protects money when you bank & shop online
  • Protects your children… online & beyond

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac


No matter how safe your Mac is against viruses, you still need to guard against identity thieves & online attacks. That’s why Kaspersky premium protection delivers much more than Mac antivirus… it helps protect your digital life.

When you go online – it protect your communications… when you surf – it block threats… when you socialize – it guard your privacy… when you shop – it protect your money. 

  • Protects against hackers, attackers & more
  • Protects your privacy & personal information
  • Protects money when you bank & shop online

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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android


There’s a lot of your life stored inside your phones & tablets – so you need mobile security that helps to keep it all safe.

That’s why Kaspersky premium protection helps you to protect your mobile life… and protect the sensitive personal information stored on your devices – even if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen. 

  • Protects against viruses & dangerous links
  • Lets you filter out unwanted calls & texts
  • Protects confidential data in your devices

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Kaspersky Safe Kids


Designed to help you look out for your kids online and beyond. Manage their app use & screen time - View their location & battery level - Monitor their calls & texts. 

Kaspersky Safe Kids includes an app for your child and a parent app which get connected via your My Kaspersky account. An app on your kid’s device helps you regulate your child’s activities. An app on your mobile lets you see reports and customize settings.


  • Lets you manage their screen time and use of apps
  • Monitors their Android calls and texts so you can spot unwanted attention
  • Reports on their public Facebook activity, including their posts and newly added friends
  • Allows you to block access to adult websites and content
  • Uses a GPS tracker so you can locate their whereabouts on a real-time online map
  • Lets you define a safe area for them to stay in and alerts you instantly if they step beyond it
  • Tells you when they’re running low on battery so you can warn them to plug in

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Kaspersky Small Office Security  


Designed specifically for businesses with 5-50 computers, Kaspersky Small Office Security is easy to install, even easier to manage and provides the world's most tested, most awarded security to computers, file servers, laptops and mobile devices, while protecting your business from online attacks, financial fraud, ransomware and data loss.

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Kaspersky Secure Connection


Protects your communications, privacy and data – whenever you're online – so it's safer to surf, socialize, stream and shop.

When you want to surf the Web, Kaspersky Secure Connection automatically offers to connect you via Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology – so others can't see what you're doing and you can safely go online… in privacy.

Whether you're online banking, shopping, video streaming, socializing or dating, we make sure hackers can't read your communications. All data you send & receive is transferred via an encrypted, secure channel – and your location and IP address aren't revealed.

Because your location and your IP address aren't revealed, it's easier for you to access websites and content in other regions – without being traced. Kaspersky Secure Connection won't log what you're doing online and won't keep any records of which websites you visit.

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