Normal standard licenses for one or more years are referred to here as prepaid licenses. You pay in advance and then use the service for a certain period of time. The number of users is fixed. In contrast, subscriptions are charged monthly, at the end of each month. The number of users can be adapted to new conditions at any time. 
- You can change the number of protected devices within the subscription term without having to reinstall the product or perform additional activations. The activation code remains the same.
- You can pause the subscription for a specified term.
- Subscription is renewed automatically every month if the customer did not pause or cancel it.
Active partners (Resellers and MSP partners) have access to Naskom Subscription Platform on which the end customers (subscribers) and their subscriptions can be managed.
- If the number of licenses increased, new cost will be applied starting with the current payment period.
- If the number of licenses was reduced, new cost will be applied starting with the next payment period. Payment for the current subscription period is counted for maximum number of licenses ordered for the current period.
All modifications on the Naskom Subscription Platform are recorded by name and timestamp.
No. Existing prepaid licenses must be phased out before switching to subscriptions or MSP subscriptions.
Basically not at all, the same code can be used over several years. Even if a subscription is stopped and later reactivated, the Activation Code remains.
Yes. Up to 30 day free trial period is provided.
- Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select
- Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced
- Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, User
- Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, User
- Kaspersky Security for Office 365
- Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
- Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway
- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, Desktop
- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, Server
- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, CPU
- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Enterprise, Server
- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Enterprise, CPU
- Kaspersky Small Office Security
- Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform
No, if the right product has been chosen, both variants with subscriptions are on offer.
New subscriptions will not be charged in the month in which they are generated. This month is considered Free Trial Period. The first settlement takes place at the end of the following month.
Every reseller on the subscription platform, receives a monthly collective bill for all their customers.
A subscription can be stopped at the end of a given month. This last month will still be charged.
Each month, resellers in the platform can generate monthly report with all active subscription per customer.
Technically, both licenses are identical. MSP partner get a cumulative discount, based on the total number of active licenses for each individual product.
The MSP program requires special registration with Kaspersky. New partners can register in the Kaspersky partner portal. Existing partners go to the new MSP section in the partner portal and answer some additional questions related to the MSP service.
After registering with Kaspersky, please contact us again so that we can establish your access to the MSP Subscription Platform.

If you are Internet Service Provider, Mobile Communications Provider, Bank, Insurance Company, Financial Services Provider or Games Community – or you deliver almost any other type of online service to customers or subscribers – Kaspersky xSP Value Added Services can help you to meet your customers’ demands for greater security… while also helping to boost your revenues.
- Kaspersky Anti-Virus
- Kaspersky Internet Security
- Kaspersky Total Security
- Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
- Kaspersky Safe Kids
- Kaspersky Small Office Security
- Kaspersky Secure Connection
A simple and flexible integration process, assisted by our experts, enables the service provider to quickly activate new services. Cross-platform compatibility and easy customization allow the solution to be integrated into any environment. Kaspersky Lab hosts the subscription service infrastructure, with no need for the service provider to deploy additional facilities.
A flexible licensing scheme allows service providers to offer their customers a variety of subscription options, or a continuous subscription with an automated renewal process. The small periodical fee encourages users to subscribe to the service.
The process of becoming a Kaspersky Subscription Partner is straightforward – you could expect to be launching your subscription program within 3 months of applying for registration.
Kaspersky Subscription Service 3.0 (KSS 3.0) allows the service providers to deliver Kaspersky security software as a part of their service packages, on the terms habitual to their customers. KSS 3.0 provides the end users with a variety of flexible licensing options. Service Providers manage subscriptions using KSS 3.0 web service implemented by Kaspersky Lab.
Service provider must implement a web service client that will be used to send subscription management requests.
The same code can be used unlimited time. Even if a subscription is stopped and later reactivated, the Activation Code remains. Also, if the subscriber change the subscribed product, the activation code remain the same.
Trial period, which the service provider may offer to subscribers before the paid subscription begins can be set up to 2 months. Trial period is provided only once for one subscription (not per product).
It is possible to set billing period equals to one calendar month from 1st to last day in month, or billing period can be equals to 30 days.